Hi there! I am Irene and I am a multidisciplinary creative based in Barcelona.

The last 10 years, I have been working in advertising, at agencies like *S,C,P,F, Shackleton, Ogilvy, Aftershare.tv , Hommu Studio, Reputation Copenhagen or P.I.&C. Some of them made me think ‘offline’, but they mostly turned me into a pixelized mind. So I started loving interactivity, online campaigns, social media and so on… (too late for salvation).

Lately, I feel happy while working for my own clients and having some extra time for illustrating. I recently accomplished one of my dreams of moving to Copenhagen. There, I bought a scholar bag and I experienced how it feels being a student again, taking an AP in Multimedia Design.

I love breakfasts, I don’t really love cats, I have a linkedin profile and this is my email: irenevidalsarmiento@gmail.com

Drop me a line, hire me or just say hello. I’ll be happy to greet you.


Photo by Dad.